JAMAICANS ATTACK CARL LEWIS Curse former sprinter on Facebook

Olympic gold medallist Carl Lewis (right) sits with actress Susan Sarandon during a preliminary men’s water polo match between Italy and Spain at the 2012 Summer Olympics, on Monday, August 6, in London.
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Many Jamaicans, especially fans of Usain Bolt,
took to the former Olympian Carl Lewis’ Facebook fan page in reaction
to comments he made about Usain’s record-breaking achievements.

According to reports, Lewis during his interviews,
practically downplayed the success and achievements of the Jamaican
superstar, and has even hinted at the possib-ility that he may be taking
performance enhancement drugs.

Jamaican fans in particular began voicing their opinions through various means since the start of the Olympics in London, reacting to comments made by Lewis.

THE WEEKEND STAR, who has been observing Lewis’ fan page
for the past few days, noticed an influx in the number of comments being
posted since Usain showed off his sprint dominance when he snatched the
200m gold medal.

One person, Kimberly Brown wrote, “Bad mind aguh kill yuh!”.
Another joked that; “BREAKING NEWS: Carl Lewis is in hospital suffering
from serious injuries after being hit by a lightning Bolt, attacked by
the Beast and bitten by a Weirwolf”.


The ‘bad mind’ comments continued with Fitzroy Powell
writing; “Carl Lewis yuh bad mind … you get your shine, mek somebody
else get a piece of the limelight … see you have to eat you words.”.

There were also comments from persons who commented on allegations that Lewis was a drug cheat during his reign in athletics.

Al-Jermaine Moss wrote, “Drug free Jamaica in your face” while another person stated, “Bite us … Leave Jamaicans alone.”

Ron Campbell summed up how he felt in one paragraph saying, “Usain Bolt is a far better athlete
than u were and you know it, and the reason it burns you so much is
because Usain Bolt loves what he does and does what he loves..”

He further stated that Bolt; ” Is the best now and the best there
ever was … You’re just jealous and why can’t you be like Micheal
Johnson and be one of the GREATS of track and be humble … I used to be
a fan of urs you know, but no longer #Team Jamaica.”


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