Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Vybz Kartel – Speedometer Bun Up Lyrics

(Verse 1)
Mi gone pon a money champagne
Trillion dollar mi no waan chunk change
How much unuh think fi a diamond chain
3 billion fi a new jet plane
Haffi make money but still have shame
I naw get fishy like mi a sand grain
Gaza no frighten fi no champagne
Everybody done know weh mi don name
So mi big up every youth weh mi know from Spain
Tell Calli 9 seh a so wi waan fame
Life a no dolly house, a no ring game
Waan check money so till mi hand pain
Lift up money till mi knee dem sprain
Then a wa yo do? Mi haffi send fi a crane
Big up every hustler a Della Cree Lane
If wi no have money how wi fi maintain
So a bay money plan form up in a mi brain

Christopher Martin – Steppin’ Razor Lyrics

Their trying to figure out just how I do it
And from the corner of their eyes
They watch me through it
And why as soon as I arrive
A room full of girls get energize
They can sadom in their minds
Why girls flop to mi every time

Christopher Martin - Steppin' Razor - My Voice Riddim

Dancehall Singer Chris Martin drop a new single “Steppin’ Razor,” on the My Voice Riddim and is produced by Frankie Music.
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