May 31, 2016

Vybz Kartel - Strong Lyrics

All dem a trey, dem cyaa get out man
Dawg a now mi bomboclaat strong
Wi a run earth from day one
Right yah now wi link wid alien

Weh you mean by?
A portion a Asian
Thousand rifle, Gaza nation

Time fi start a war mi waan one
Time fi show dem how the thing set

(Verse 1)
Man higher than a house top
How that?
Figure it out dawg….maths
Money mi a f**k wid
F**k romance
And the tank, rocket launcher
Every house get destroy paw yo corner
FGR 17 viper
When that blow pass a nuh pie-pie, pa
Finish dem off wid foreign viter

Mi naw laugh wid bwoy again ca wa?
People a wicked but man wickeder
If you think seh mi cold man more fridger
Rasta city, Muslim, Trinidad
Wi nuh pet people a nuhdog wi a tag
When dem a keep nine night
Dance wi a have
Million a day suh wi naw grab bag
A grenade wi a fling, dem a dash
Dem a try

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Criminal just bring ten thing
Weh dem come from a must cremling
Down Afghanistan a dem Ben bring
When the thing dem turn on every bank bell ring
Down in a the root every ground get kill
Could a feds deh near man a go step still
Informer get it brethren
Ak meck him head get wing
Nuh commin….man a nuh left wing
But the cuban M1 weh mi meck sing
Shell down the place yow a dem a tek sting
From you forward a Gaza do yo best king
Behave you self, yes king
You wi live fi see another day brethren
Violate Tusan mi a go send Chin
Coming like seh a ants nest unuh step in

(Repeat Chorus)

Vybz Kartel - Strong (Gold Finga Riddim) - May 2016

Vybz Kartel new single “Strong” off the Gold Finga Riddim, produced by Jones Avenue Records.

''All dem a trey, dem cyaa get out man
Dawg a now mi bomboclaat strong
Wi a run earth from day one
Right yah now wi link wid alien

Weh you mean by?
A portion a Asian
Thousand rifle, Gaza nation

Time fi start a war mi waan one
Time fi show dem how the thing set''

May 27, 2016

Mezmo - Lone Soldier (April 2016) Roc One/KILIL Records

Mezmo - Lone Soldier (April 2016)
Roc One/KILIL Records

Grampa Entatain - She Cah Cook (May 2016)

Grampa Entatain ''She Cah Cook'' Produced by Firstpage Records May 2016

May 25, 2016


Most Hon. Andrew Holness (Prime Minister of Jamaica)

Prime Minister of Jamaica, Most Hon. Andrew Holness since his inauguration has kept busy with his prosperity message. Having won the general election on February 25, 2016 with only a one seat majority, seemingly balanced Gordon House and cautioned against bad governance.


The Holness Administion has carefully listened to the analyticsm of various groups regarding the infamous 1.5 tax plan. The tax plan which was originally scheduled to take effect on April 1, 2016 entailed an income tax threshold of 1.5 million for employees on the PAYE system earning up to 1.5 million, this the government said would return the spending powers of up to $18,000.00 to the pockets of the employees. However, after taking office, it was discovered that the source of funds to finance such a tax break was an illusion created by the People National Party (PNP). Though an illusion and publicly known thereafter, positioned the Jamaica Labour Party under the microscope, zoomed in by the PNP to deliver on their campaign promise or commitments. The Ministry of Finance led by Hon. Audley Shaw, Hon. Fayval Williams and Hon. Rudyard Spencer had their hands full of air, tightly clasped in deep mediation for great inspiration and alas! the plan which was almost derailed, with just a little tweak here and there, has now received the nod by several public sector groups and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) as "BOLD".


On May 23, 2016 the JLP held the National Labour Day Project in East Central St. Catherine, the home of MP Alando Tereelonge and some long standing natives- the mosquitoes. This year's project was titled "For Health Sake Keep It Clean" which targeted the removal and destroying of several mosquitoes breeding sites, commonly in stagnant drains and bushes which populated the Portmore Municipality for years. The project also saw a beautification and facelift of the Hamilton Garden Basic School with the planting of trees and painting of exterior and interior areas.

Photo by Krisho Holmes


Yesterday, May 24, 2016 the PM, Andrew Holness announced a significant benefit for all low income earners. This announcement saw NHT contributors earning $7,500-$12,000.00 per week paying only 2% toward NHT and receive a loan of $4.89 million at 0% interest rate. Contributors earning $12,001-$20,000.00 weekly will pay 4% NHT contribution whose loans will only attract 2% interest rate on that loan, while contributors earning $20,001-$30,000.00 will continue to pay 6% toward NHT and receive loans at 4% per annum. The disables, senior citizens and public sector will benefit from a 1% discount.

It is believed that if the Honorable Prime Minister continues to hit this nail as he so far is popularly doing, Jamaica's politics will become the envy of the Caribbean and the world. More importantly , the PM seemingly is hitting the nail which the PNP's Micheal Manley initiated but was never continued by his successors. Mr. Holness as credited Micheal Manley for the development of the NHT to provide reasonable housing solution for the lower income earners and for which his administration will ensure that the NHT and Micheal Manley's vision is achieved.

The new JLP Administration has left many critics clueless, commentless but interesting to know if this Administration has flipped the script on the PNP to become a socialist conservative party, giving back to the people but maintaining fiscal discipline to achieve economic growth. This could be the magical touch to revive the Jamaican people from poverty to prosperity.
Written by Krisho Holmes C/O Y.dae's Entertainment.
For comments and feedback contact Krisho Holmes at 

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