Feb 8, 2016

#Voteja2016 Election Poetry

The Election Season is heating up,
And the PNP getting a beating up.
Mama P talking about stepping up,
But the Prosperity Train is not letting up.

Many promises made by PNP,
While some of us still nuh recover from the Chick V.

I am no political analyst, but I will rather smoke a green cannabis. 

The Orange Jeep still cahn start, wasn't  that a political promise, or a con from a deceptive heart?

PNP tek the green out of the national flag, trick the police, the teachers J.F. L. A. G yeah, yeah, yeah... you know what i meant...The other flag.

Now them marry CCJ issue to the church, what a political ploy dem a try fi unearth.
Fixed election date Andrew commits, but Mama P would have none of it.

A fixed term in Parliament, yuh mad Andrew? Fi put Mama P in a retirement.

Who a guh now feed her hungry pickney, weh nammy nammy and licky licky.

The dollar run off gone a America, it tired fi a suffer in a 

My Ballot is a must, because fi mi future nah huh wreck pon the PNP Bus.

Vote 2016 one and all, 
Because "VOTE OUT THE PNP" is a National call...

Written by Krisho Holmes

To contact Krisho Holmes, you may email at krishoholmes@gmail.com or call (876) 557-0514 Tele/whatapps.


Recording Artist- Tommy G

On February 7, 2016 we were blessed with the favourable opportunity to have an one and one hyped "Skype" Interview with one of Jamaica's upcoming hit maker, Tommy G. Since 2015, our team at World Magazine Jamaica has been trying to get hold of Tommy G but failed on three previous attempts as he was either in the studio or either on the road making the paper.

Tommy G gave us an exclusive interview of his musical journey and his development as an artist. The Artist whose real name is Timothy Gordon said that his artist name "Tommy G" was both a "nick name" and a combination of the initial of his sir name "Gordon/G". Tommy G who turns 25 on September 12, 2015 grew up in Jamaica in the community of 9 Miles Bull Bay, famously known for its large settlement of Rastafari with a Rasta Camp at 13 Marcus Garvey Way.

 The artist career was not incidental but was either divine or destiny, brought almost through his father's genes, the famous trombonist, the legendary Vincent Gordon. Tommy G's style of writing and attitude towards the music he credits to the dynamic culture of Jamaica. Although following his father's footsteps into the Music and Entertainment Industry, Tommy G said that "My father was not pleased to hear that I preferred Dancehall rather than Reggae".

At the age of 13 years, Tommy G penned and recorded his first song, titled “Blaze up the Chalice” featuring his childhood friend Andre which was recorded by his uncle Shawn Bennett who lived next door. At the age of 13 years, Tommy G had now recorded a song that create much buzz in the tight semi-urban 9 miles community.The Duo subsequently went under and Tommy G persevered, held on to his desire and then entered another group, this time a trio called "ULTIMATE", which consisted of Prophet, Kratos and Tommy G which recorded "Hola", a song which was creatively composed as a bilingual delivery, that group ultimately did not survive and he then saw that the odds were against him breaking into the market, into his life's passion as an artist and then decided to pursue music alone which today is an ear popper and soul groove.

Since his journey as a soloist, Tommy G has recorded strings of songs such as Dutty Heart, Fallen Soldiers, No Love and Fresh and Clean. He is also featured on the upcoming mixed tape "Addi Riddim" produced by Y.dae's Entertainment Inc. Tommy G said the work is endless as he tries to write a minimum of 4 songs per week which he attributed to his hunger for the music and the need to be successful as inspired by the controversial and Elitist's enemy, Vibez Kartel. His latest song "Fresh and Clean" is super club groovy, with a tempo just right to kick start a day out with your coolest friends in the freshest gears and cleanest haircut trumping from a good car sound system heading out to a club in Kingston to "Shell" the place with a style so fresh and clean.

In concluding the interview, Tommy G made mentioned of some of the ills in dancehall, stating that the lack of unity has over the years injured dancehall's potential on the global market. He also stated that his song "Dutty Heart People" was a message song inspired by some of the grudges in the industry. Tommy G wasted no time explaining that his input in dancehall will be felt and implore other artists to write songs that are credible, internationally competitive, worth listening for their intended purpose and lastly to attack the music industry "head on" or conscious.
Logo- Y.dae's Entertainment Inc

Written by Krisho Holmes, C/O Y.dae's Entertainment Inc

To contact Krisho Holmes, you may email him at krishoholmes@gmail.com or (876) 557-0514 Tele/whatapps


its soon time for your Jamaican Vote and every single one will be a total waste.

Feb 4, 2016

Jamaica Defence Force (JDF) Searching For Plane Reported To Have Crashed Off The Coast St Elizabeth Jamaica

The Jamaica Defence Force (JDF) and the coast guard is currently conducting a search operation for an aircraft that has reportedly crashed in st elizabeth.

Major Basil Jarrett, civil military cooperation and media affairs officer of the jdf, told the Jamaica observer late yesterday that a aircraft and a coast guard vessel were searching in the lovers’ leap area and its vicinity for possible signs of a wreckage.

“we haven’t found anything yet, but we are still looking,”
he said.
He said the aim was to determine whether or not there was, in fact, a crash and to launch a rescue operation.

Jarrett said the jdf received a call of a possible crash around two or three o’clock in the afternoon.

Meanwhile, the St Elizabeth police told the observer: “we can’t say if it’s a fact, but we got a call that a plane was seen on fire and then was seen to plunge into the sea.”

Laden - Time Is Now Lyrics

Stephen mi naw wait no more
I know the time is now
Right now the time is now
Seh mi lost it, mi find it now

And every youth keep holding on
One day your time will come
The system a tie wi dung
Time will come

(Verse 1)
Right now a winning time
Suh gwaan go tell the finish line
Haffi go hard fi weh wi want in this time
Wi family fi living fine
Waan mi mother life fi sweet, sweet, sweet
Suh mi a pree the thing deep, deep, deep
Haffi pay the rent in this week
Suh mi hustle hard day and night in these street

Mi a pray and a hope pon that
Tired a the old house wid the roach and rats
Mi a live but mi life fi be more than that
A mi fi a lock the place like a old padlock
Money fi a pile and mi put more pon that
Visa in a mi book and mi a tour pon that
Haffi wave the banner meck you proud Jam Rock
Am very sure of that

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Time perilous, people evilous
When you a rise a nuh everybody waan see you buss
Leviticus keep it religious
Waan you bless mi Jah, Jah, continue filled mi cup
Time now fi wi turn the table
Reach fi you goals cause yo goals deh near you
Everybody have the pressure fi bear to
Da song yah people can relate to

All when the time is rough yea
The hill wi a climb it up deh
So why give up?
When the victory wi a go find it up deh
Mi naw chad pon the earth fi lose
One day mi must change mi dirty shoes
From mi life every germs remove
Dem mussi never herd the news

(Repeat Chorus 2X)

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