From Bellevue to the studio…Fabby Dolly returns to music

Irina Mossi “Just for One Night“

Veteran artiste Fabby Dolly says fans can look out for a musical comeback from him.

The artiste, who was born Omar Jones, rose to fame with his hit single Peanut Punch back in the mid-90s, has been hospitalised at the Bellevue Hospital several times, but says he is now okay.

“The yutes from the ghetto try fi see mi go down because mi find a one tune. Mi fly pon plane and come back and do Peanut Punch
and it hit the charts and dem mad me. Me and dem turn back fren and
start par together again and dem nuh want see I and I get up inna life
so dem, fight against I,” Fabby Dolly told THE STAR.

A friend of the artiste, who goes by the name Famous Face, told THE STAR that Fabby Dolly has been suffering with mental problems for some 15 years now.

“He’s been ill for about 15-16 years. Dem give him lizard tail in
some ganja up by Park Lane. Some badmind people give him it, and from
dat him kinda off-key. But him a recover and him wassy same way, if you
ask him fi deejay fi you him can do it. Him still do dubplates fi
people. Him lyrics still put together,” Famous Face said.

Fabby Dolly says since the incident he has not been voicing any
songs. “Since the madness gwaan mi never too voice back, but mi a still a
deejay from the ghetto and mi plan fi sing back some songs, but mi a
gwaan face reality now,” he said.

Fabby Dolly promises fans that they can expect new music soon.
“Mi deh Exodus studio more time, mi a come back fine. The Doctor say mi
nuh mad, a people a say mi still mad, so mi a gwaan hear wha the Doctor
say. Mi soon make the people dem scream fi mi again,” he told THE STAR


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