Naomi Lareine Debut EP UNCHAINED

UNCHAINED Debut EP by Naomi Lareine

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Naomi Lareine Debut EP UNCHAINEDNaomi Lareine is known for her bitter-sweet dulcet tones that sit perfectly amidst her sophisticated, R&B tinged releases. Hailing from Zurich, Naomi is a young singer recognized as one of the most promising voices from Switzerland. The new EP release, UNCHAINED, is a perfect example of how R&B should sound today.

The new EP, UNCHAINED, is an enticing dose of modern R&B music. The turbulent tales following relationship strife and unattainable expectations, on your self, and others. The EP kicks off with velvety female harmonies that melt seamlessly into Naomi’s signature ad-libs. This is a truly vocal-heavy EP that celebrates the evolution of traditional R&B, with delightfully cheeky elements of bass-heavy house dance and groovy riddims.


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