Jesse Royal engage children with Palace Pickney Foundation

Jesse Royal reaching children through Palace Pickney Foundation

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Jesse Royal engage children with Palace Pickney Foundation

Reggae singer Jesse Royal has ventured into the realms of philanthropy with the start of his foundation.

Named after his ‘palace pickney’ moniker, The Palace Pickney Foundation by Jesse Royal, is intent on engaging students from the early childhood and primary education levels, with the hope of helping to culturally develop the minds of young Jamaicans.

In sessions called ‘Circle Time,’ Jesse Royal has already been making stops at some local schools, where he has personally interacted with the children, by reading books written by Jamaican authors, engaging in the Jamaican dialect, and also using reggae music and beats, as a creative means to educate and uplift children.

In introducing the public to his foundation, Jesse Royal shared on his social media pages, one of his ‘Circle Time’ visits, from a basic school in Kingston, where he participated in their pre Heroes day celebrations last week.

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