Flthyrch – I – Official Music Video

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Flthyrch - I - Official Music VideoUS Rapper FLTHRCH has release his new video for the single “I“ from his debut album “Morton Grove“. The track was produced by Rich Don and directed by @igvsho.


“I gotta get it I swear that I’m winnin on a paper chase

I swear that these niggas be wantin to argue I pullup n’ pop out it ain’t a debate

Swear dat I’m good in da muhfuckin jungle l feel like a ape so im wearin some bape

I hope she don’t think that a nigga gon save her I’m not wearin a cape so i swear that i can’t

Swear that I’m servin dat A1, dat A1 like go head and put some of that on ya steak

You wasn’t with me, I was bussin nem plays I’m ridin with bran I’m ridin with Dre

Niggas will switch up on you for some change so I just be chillin with Benjamin Frank

You wasn’t with me when I’s outta state I’m prolly with kai I’m prolly with J

I cannot fit all this cash in a safe I think I might needa live next to a bank

Sometimes I do this shit off of the dome, they tweetin bout beef I’m uppin the chrome

I’m tryna eat n’ get my money long, you tryna geek you tryna get gone

Yo baby mama up under da sheets, she suckin da meat right off of the bone

A nigga on 10, they think that I cheat, cuz they cannot win when I’m in my zone

Hotel is trippin they saying we wreak, you smoking that weak I’m smokin that strong

Niggas is grimy so I’m never deep, I’m with 2 or 3 if I’m not on my own

It do not take much to pick up some freaks pullup in a jeep I’m takin em home

All of deez niggas got Patek Phillipes I think I want me a Jacob & Co

I gotta ride with a baby K or otherwise known as a Mini Draco

Niggas be talkin dat woop de woop but really be soft, playdoh

I gotta ball like moss

FN with a beam, dot dot

Im really plugged in, hot spot

Deez louis vuitton padlocks

My nigga I been had guap

Bitch I’m with my dawgs mascot

Bitch im with my dawgs like Mike (Vick)

Bitch i gotta ball like Mike (Jordan)

My jewels VVS, bright white

They shine in the dark, night light

Girl I beat it up, fight night

Designer the frames, eyesight

I got ride with a flame (I, I)

I got respect on my name (I)

I gotta walk wit a cane (I, I)

I gotta keep me a stick (because)

I was involved in them stains (I, I)

I had to hit me a lick (I)

I pour codeine in my drank (I)

I sip the lean like I’m sick (ugh)

I don’t got for a treat a trick (I)

We in the suite making flicks

Ice on my chest like it’s vicks (ice)

I get it lit like a bic (like a bic)

I took your pack like a pick (I)

I get it off hella quick (I, I)

Please do not step on my Ricks…“

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