Jellissen – Street Dance Style – June 2019

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Jellissen - Street Dance Style - June 2019 Recording artiste Jellissen is currently promoting her new single Street Dance Style, produced by Cornelius Records.

The single is paying homage to the formative years of dancehall and reggae music when fans were more into dancing than being spectators.

“We like to reminisce about the good old days when people used to dance to music and not just turn up to watch people dance. That’s why people are drawn to soca right now, not because the music is better but because fans go soca parties to just get crazy and dance. Nowadays when people go to dancehall, it’s about dressing up and just watch a group of men or a group of men dancing,” Jellissen said.

According to the artiste Street Dance Style, is intended to remind dancehall and reggae consumers about the foundation of the entertainment scene.

“It is difficult for young artists to get a break due to lack of resources and connections, but I want to say big up to Cornelius and Fada Bulla because they are not afraid to show the light on young talents. Once they heard the song and saw the importance of the message they were not hesitant to send it a road and I respect that” she said.

Cornelius who is known for breaking Gage and producing the hit Culu Culu rhythm among others also chimed in. He says it’s refreshing to see a female artiste promoting a different message.

“This artist is unique and you can tell by the message. In a climate where the majority of females a promote sex it’s refreshing to see her take the route that she has with her content and we had to shine a light on that,” Cornelius said.

A music video for the single will be released in coming weeks, while the artiste will continue to work on new projects for a debut EP under the guidance of Cornelius Records.

” I am not only here to say move your body this way and that way. I will also be doing some music to connect with fans spiritually and intellectually because music is more than just an art form for me,” she said.

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