Stages Canada meets Jamaica

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Stages Canada meets JamaicaOn Friday, May 31st, 2019 Stages Canada will officially launch the Jamaican collaboration for the brand in beautiful Ocho Rios. Stages have been one of Canada’s premier artist development platforms since 2015.

The team of Stages alongside sponsors @vibe105to and Fresh Start 4 Youth Services have been gearing up for this moment for years.

Over the years Stages has been a Launchpad and showcase model for over 200 upcoming artists, groups and bands who had the interest in learning how to better present and connect with audiences from the nuanced mentorship of established artists and musicians with whom the up and comers also get to share a stage.

This has meant that with each installment of Stages there were moments of awe such as the awe-inspiring young talents from its sub-brand All Ages Stages and great talents to model such as Juno Winners; Exco Live, Blessed, Kafinal, Elaine Lil Bit Shepherd, Kirk Diamond and more headlining the stage throughout the years. As the brand expanded Stages launched out to “the road” that is, literally taking the brand and artists on tour.

After two successful Canadian tours, dubbed the TOM tours for their impact in the Toronto, Ottawa, and Montreal markets, and numerous individual artists success stories later it is now time to expand on the global stage.

Why Jamaica?

STAGES started with an authentic and dynamic reggae band and artists, in fact, the most active and instrumental artist mentors over the years came from the genre as well and it was very noticeable that wherever reggae goes other urban genres also gathered.

As the platform expanded the Stages model was able to encapsulate numerous other genres but the team could not ignore the pull reggae had. So where better to launch this global platform that in the land of reggae! As Stages CEO Carrie Mullings best explains; “we were always getting requests from emerging artists in Jamaica to expand our platform there and as a team, we knew that there would be more than reggae in store from an island which can produce a Bob Marley and a Grace Jones”

Rebel Vibez & Stages Canada
Carrie Mullings – CEO

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