Reggae artiste encourages people to get educated on technology

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Reggae artiste encourages people to get educated on technologyBahamian reggae artiste Avaran pronounced (AH-VA-RAN is advising the public to educate themselves on new technology with his new record “Wake Up”.

According to the artiste, lack of technological skills has been hampering the growth of developing countries. Avaran also pointed to the music industry as an example of a sector that has suffered due to the lack of use of technology.

“The concept behind this project is aimed at helping people understand that most of us are asleep to what is happening in the world. We are in the Aquarius technological age but people are still asleep and I am giving them a push. Some artists are still waiting on vinyl to come back for example and honestly I don’t believe the doors are closed there are many more doors that are to be opened.

The artist believes health care and crime-fighting sectors are very much undermined by the lack of technology and advises the government to take some time and address the issue.

“What I find is that some people are afraid of technological advances a great example is when the government introduces something new if it’s not understood by the masses it creates a problem. However, if we are to grow we have to embrace new things short of giving away our personal rights. Also, nuff people dead a hospital that didn’t have to and nuff criminals escape the justice system and because the technology is not in place we are losing the fight in life, “he continued.

“Going back to the music, look how our sales poor. Some people want to blame the artistes but it is not fully the artistes…good music still here, but we have not mastered the craft of using the new technology to market and sell. We are still stuck in old way of thinking, and until we catch up with streaming and selling ads we won’t benefit,” he said.

Avaran says local artists can no longer use the excuse that the record industry worldwide is dead because there is proof to indicate that other international acts are selling units using new technology.

“What we need to do is catch up. Reggae music is the foundation of hip hop and reggaetón, check who a sell less ..dem or we? Sure we are getting some views on YouTube and some likes on Instagram and Facebook. But there is more to the art of technology than opening up a social media page, ” he said.

The artist has been on tour with Grammy winner Michael Rose and had inked collaborations with Luciano, Frankie Paul, John Holt, Terry Ganzie and also did back up vocals for the late Dennis Brown during his formative years. He is now looking to cement his own legacy in the music industry, starting with Wake Up.

“I had signed an exclusive record deal back in the day and they didn’t fulfill their obligations so I was forced to take a long musical break but I am back now to add more positive vibes with fresh messages… Words, sound and power,” he said.

Wake Up is available for purchase on all digital outlets on May 17th, 2019

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