ORieL Dedicates Ode to His Mother

Irina Mossi “Just for One Night“

ORieL Dedicates Ode to His Mother“God could not be everywhere, and therefore he made mothers”. From Mother Earth to Mother Nature, to the biological or “it takes a village” mother that nurtures, mothers, come in many different dimensions and compositions.

Although celebrated every day, soulful reggae singer-songwriter ORieL has taken time to honor his mother with a ballad titled “Best Mama”. ‘Best Mama’ is about my mother and the love I have for her. She is the inspiration for not just this song but for my life and me wanting to do all I can to make her life better in every way. The song is intentionally set for release just before mother’s day .”Many say they have the best mama, but I think I have the best mama” explained ORieL

A song written and produced by the artist himself, it is an ode that will stand the test of time and whose message will transcend classes, creed, religions, and race. An Afar Music Group release, “Best Mama” is available on all major streaming platforms and digital outlets.


‘I love you, mama, i man haffi thank Jah for mama.
Say again, I love you mama, i man haffi thank Jah for mama.
I want to make life sweet for you, just want to make life sweet for you.
I wanna make life sweet like honeycomb, honeycomb, honeycomb, honeycomb”


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