Destination Reggae ‘n’ Dancehall Takes You to Anguilla for Omari Banks Video Premiere

Irina Mossi “Just for One Night“

Destination Reggae 'n' Dancehall Takes You to Anguilla for Omari Banks Video PremiereHow befitting and pertinent that former cricketer-turned reggae singer Omari Banks premieres the online video for his latest single Half Full or Half Empty, as on this day May 13 in 2003, the crooner was part of team West Indies that produced the highest successful fourth-innings chase in Test history. The latter appurtenant as it echoes Omari’s lyrics “Half full or half empty, Everyday, we gotto live and count we blessings”.

Over the weekend, Omari premiered the video home in Anguilla with a live show accompanied by his band. The event took place at the famous Dune Preserve, home of Moonsplash, the Caribbean’s longest-running independent festival.

Filmed in Anguilla, the recently released single delivered a colorful and vibrant video featuring the beautiful and talented FWD dancers. Half Full or Half Empty was directed by filmmaker Yvans Azard of Soualiga Media. Premiering at noon at Destination Reggae N Dancehall, the number one destination for everything Reggae and Dancehall (www.DestinationRnD.com), Omari also gave the popular platform an interview with insight on the song and video.

“Half full or half empty Everyday, we got to live and count we blessings.. dem would grudge you for being Hardworking Dem even grudge me for me face, wah me mummy and mi daddy give But me nah study bout dem for long We keep the message positive The youth we give them inspiration I know one’s who’s going to help me For those I care The other I can’t see”

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