KSAMC to meet with party promoters

Irina Mossi Love Detective

KSAMC to meet with party promoters The recent KSAMC’s questionable decision to bar party promoter’s from using New Kingston parking lots they own and operate, Town Clark Robert Hill is today locked in a meeting with event promoters.

Up to news time, Music News was informed by the office of Robert Hill that the meeting which started at 2 pm was still in session.

promoters say they are willing to have a sit down with the KSAMC to come up with a solution that will benefit all parties, residents, promoters, and the authorities.

All this stems following the KSAMC’s decision that permits will no longer be granted for the staging of entertainment events to be held in New Kingston parking lots owned and operated by the Kingston and St Andrew Municipal Corporation, (KSAMC).

This move by the KSAMC sparked pushback from promoters and members of the entertainment industry, with some accusing the KSAMC of being unfair.

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