Open Letter to the Waterford Division Att: All Stakeholders; Politicians, Churches, Civic Group, Schools & Citizens

Open Letter to the Waterford Division 2019

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Open Letter to the Waterford Division 2019

Att: All Stakeholders; Politicians, Churches, Civic Group, Schools & Citizens

Dear Waterford,

Where is our pride?
Where is the love?
Where is the Waterford I grew up in that was a community of sport, entertainment and vibrancy; ludy, domino, bingo, marble and Youth Club Activism?

I have been appointed as the JLP’s Caretaker who will contest the duly constituted local government election in 2020 and as the Caretaker and rightly by virtue of birth, a citizen of Waterford for thirty three (33) years, I have a “BLOODY” concern I must express.

Over the last nineteen (19) days we have experienced three shootings within our community; two murders and one wounded; January 15, 18 and February 1, 2019.

In the past, we experienced the murder of many of our Youth-The Future of Waterford. Many families mourn their losses, many candles lit, many nine nights and many Rest in Peace (R.I.P) or Sleep in Peace (R.I.P) as we as a community sip our liquor and reflected, but none of that has solved our High Murder Rate in Waterford.

We have seemingly transitioned from a community that cares to a community that is selfish, silent and wrongly socialized to rely solely on State Responses. It is only a matter of time , based on the frequency of murders in Waterford that we are considered as “The Most Murderous Community in Portmore” and will require our own Zone of Special Operation (ZOSO).

Crime is costly and whenever this occurs it affects our local businesses (Shops, Parties, Events and Public Gathering), our home value and our character as people who work in the corporate world.

For those of us who are young professionals, we are sometimes embarrassed to inform others that we are from Waterford; we are literally afraid of being ostracized because of our the stigma in our community.

The state of our community is in need of our attention, to bring these hatred to an end, some of which are mere responses because of a simple argument, provoking words, statements or thoughts. We must address this issues effectively and urgently before we too become a victim of our own inactions.

The Waterford Police Station and the St. Catherine South Police Division has over the years tried to curtail this devil called crime, but they alone cannot do it and they too are concerned about their involvement and own safety, as they too have a family they pray and hope to see everyday after work. The Police need the help… Waterford needs our help!

In my capacity as Caretaker and citizen, I am inviting the Politicians, the Churches , Civic Groups, Schools and Well Thinking Citizens to join together as stakeholders, to address this on-going “Blood Bath” in Waterford. I am further asking for the Pastors through their churches to facilitate the discussion and action plan to move Waterford prayerfully through this period.

I am available to participate in this discussion at the earliest convenient time for you and all stakeholders in the interest of Waterford.

This is MY community.
This is YOUR community.
This is OUR community.

Respectfully Yours,

Krisho Holmes
JLP’s Cllr. Caretaker c/o WATERFORD
PHONE: (876) 479-3016
EMAIL: krishoholmes@gmail.com

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