Jamaican Author Patrick “Big Face“ Francis

Jamaican native Patrick “BigFace“ Francis has defied all odds to become a published author.

While living in the united states he found himself on the wrong side of the law. Not succumbing to the power of the system he continue the dream of being a writer.

Francis has a number of books out now, most noticable is Fetty Boy (respect the game).

The booking is about Franko “Fetty Boy” Brown is a shonuff problem in the streets of Paterson, New Jersey, which quickly lands him in the notoriously violent “Bucktown” Juvenile prison, where he remains just that… a PROBLEM! He returns to his 4th Ward hood to discover that one of his best friends (Hubby) has been gunned down in those same streets. Relying on the unbreakable bond between him and his right-hand man Freez, Fetty Boy, armed with a plan, sets fire to the game by putting together a team of hungry wolves.Driven by revenge and the lure of the hip hop culture, Fetty and his crew eat up everything in their path, as Fetty is forced to face the demons of his soul – demons he never knew existed.Love turns out to be nothing but lust, truth hides behind lies, gain becomes immeasurable loss… and through it all, Fetty discovers that he cannot trust himself when it comes to trusting the people around him!

Cold-Blooded, WarmHearted – East Orange.NJ is the where Jahson Francis, a child of Jamaican descent, forms an unlikely friendship with one-time professional boxer, Julious ‘Jabo’ Jackson. Jabo takes Jahson under his wing and trains him in the art of boxing. Right on the cusp of success, tragedy strikes and Jahson loses his mentor.  ​

God’s Glory Is a Love Story Made in America – An All-Age Inspirational, Motivational story for both parents and kids.

ALL BOOKS ARE AVAILABLE ONLINE AT – https://fettyboyja.wixsite.com/patrick-face-francis/books

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