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Dre Kannon Biography

As a new wave of talent emerges from the Republic of Ireland, Jamaican born artist Dre Kannon previously known as ‘Croweezy‘ strides in his own lane as one of the front-runners in his genre while introducing his Dancehall sound to new territories. Leaving Kingston at the age of 10 Dre long discovered his love for the arts writing poems and stories as a teen to winning competitions in local competitions and participating in local talent shows. In 2011 Dre Kannon took his music on the road touring with Rap Ireland and joining chart-topping urban group N-Dubz for their Irish tour. As an independent recording artist, Dre Kannon used his acquired knowledge and ear for music to inspire, manage, develop and motivate other aspiring artists.

As one of the 1st artist to fully independently fund and publish his own career his work has been featured on national radio, newspapers, TV and new media platforms who continue to push the new culture not to leave out managing an artist who competed on the Voice of Ireland and h Jamaicans are a minority in Ireland and according to Dre it was one of the most difficult things to do trying to usher in a sound that is new and different to the Irish market but its seemingly working these days for the Dancehall artist now getting track of the week for his raw Dancehall single (Lick 2 Shots) 2019 by District Magazine, an urban media platform based in Ireland.

Growing up in Ireland was not easy Dre Kannon claims as racism was rampant and even walking home got dangerous especially being the only black student in the school and in his generation growing up in the town of New Ross, Co. Wexford. “Instead of letting the racism and prejudice get to me I used that energy to work on my craft vowing to never let go of my culture no matter how deep it gets.

Taking my music seriously actually saved me from making certain bad decisions and kept me in line and gave me a platform to express whatever I was feeling.” Kannon uses his music and his platform to spread awareness on the issue of racism and prejudice which affected him and thousands of migrants who faced oppression and discrimination in their daily lives while pushing the Irish music scene to the world through means of online publishing hoping to ultimately inspire change and unity among all communities in the Republic.





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