Shabingo Jamaican all-purpose seasoning

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Shabingo Jamaican all-purpose seasoning

I’m Kenville Thompson. In 2000, I started a very successful career at, the Baltimore Estate in North Carolina. I’ve always been known for a good chef, anything, I put my hands on I make it taste good. You may think to yourself, “Shaa’bingo”? But let me tell you where it all started. I have two, kids, I used to take them to school, and they would play this game, called “Shabingo”. The way the game works; when you see a nice car you, say “shabingo”. Over the years while working in North Carolina I have the passion for cooking, always creating new ideas in the culinary world. In 2017 I made an all-purpose seasoning recipe in the kitchen while working, I was tired of salt and pepper on my food. Share the all-purpose seasoning mix with my coworkers everyone loves it, time after time my coworkers will come and ask for more of the all purpose seasoning mix. one of my coworkers said one day chef this all-purpose seasoning mix is real good you should give it a name, right away I heard a voice in my head saying Shaa’bingo. after that day it’s history Shaa’bingo comes alive. I introduce Shaa’bingo to my city and everyone loves it now Shaa’bingo is getting popular all over.

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