Patrick Planter First Solo Exhibition In Zürich

Irina Mossi Love Detective

Back in 2016 I did an interview with focal point a YouTube channel and I said I wanna display my work world wide in gallery spaces saying it then I didn’t know I would really carry it out and I see now that I’ve really achieved that goal, Last night was the first night of the opening of the Ethnicity Gallery in collaboration with Patrick Planter Exhibition the Photographic Artist that is now base in Switzerland, Zürich that is Originally from Jamaica was very overwhelmed from the turn out the gallery had visitors from as far as Japan and every one had something positive and welcoming to say a bout his pieces, Ethnicity Gallery team is more like a family than partners pulling together making everything run smoothly… Patrick Planter own words is that “Ethnicity put the difference in different and the professionalism in professional” 
ETHNICITY Concurrently, integration is the focus of the discourse we create, bringing together works by artists and varying viewpoints to celebrate the diversity of our community.

Ethnicity’s goal is to create a community of and for highly talented artists with full representation and a unique forum to present their works. We will feature a top selection of artists, and collaborate with renowned institutions/partners to ensure an extensive level of exposure and a mutually beneficial exchange.
We are inspired by people and artistic expression. It can be found in any given human interaction regardless of ethnic background.
The brainchild’s behind Ethnicity Gallery  Olivia James and Zoe Delgado Kraeft 

Zoe Delgado Kraeft is of Mexican and Cuban descent and was born in Chicago, IL. She is currently residing in Zurich, Switzerland. 

Zoe is an accomplished visual artist with a background in graphic art, illustrations, sculpture and graphic design. Throughout her career, she has worked for several international corporations including: Hubert Burda Media in Munich, Germany and Ernst & Young in the United States. Zoe then founded her own company and for the last 18 years has been consulting in the field of IT and Visual Graphic Arts. 
Zoe has traveled extensively through Central America, Asia and Africa where she has drawn inspiration for her own work. Through her travels she was greatly moved by the incredible talent displayed by the minority contemporary urban artists in these countries. This is one of the reasons she was inspired to form Ethnicity and its principles. 
Zoe looks forward to celebrating the unique human expression that each artist provides. 

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