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Redwan fyahwan BiographyRithwan Nikpani Addy aka Redwan Fayahwan was born in Ghana, the son of gifted musician parents. Not only was his father very successful as a musician, but also a C.O. The Academy of African Music and Art. So music has always been part of Redwan’s life. Whether in the church choir or as a young reggae artist, his goals have always been closely linked to the music. But Ghana does not make it easy for the musicians. Read more … (Pics, Downloads, Contact)

If you do not have any money, you will not be able to record your own song in the studio and so the young talents often only have the street. But then it is sung all the more violent, danced and it takes a lot to set against the big competition.

When Redwan traveled to Switzerland in 2011, he caused a stir here as well. The energy and the stage presence he shows testifies to his origin and the hard fight on the streets of Ghana. No sooner had he arrived here than he landed in the studio of DJ Flink (Taffs), who produced the first songs with him. These landed at the Swiss reggae label Gideon Production and from then on it was clear; Redwan becomes part of the Gideon Artist Camp.

While he continued to work on the debut Ep, he toured together with Lifted Selection Sound from Glarus through Switzerland gained further stage experience.

At the same time he worked with Max Rubadub in the Soundmax Studio on his skills and also produced the song “Gimmi The Weed”. With this song, he will start his career as a “recording artist” and usher in the summer of 2012. The Ep follows shortly thereafter.

Redwan is full of energy and zest for action and will still hear a lot from her. For an unprecedented paper, he immediately convinces with unbelievable talent and will provide the Swiss reggae scene with another act that will cause a stir internationally.

World: Daniel Berger | Gideon Production | e-mail

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