Trevor Munroe

NIA is Dissatisfied with Prime Minister’s response to Petrojam report

NIA not satisfied with Prime Minister’s response to Petrojam report

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NIA is Dissatisfied with Prime Minister’s response to Petrojam report
Trevor Munroe

The National Integrity Action (NIA) says it is not pleased with Prime Minister Andrew Holness’ response to the Auditor General’s probe of the state-owned oil refinery Petrojam.

Yesterday (December 18) private sector groups said they were satisfied that actions being taken by Prime Minister Holness will go a far way in addressing concerns at the oil company.

In a release issued today Executive Director of the NIA Professor Trevor Munroe pointed out that he agrees that the actions taken will go a far way, but not far enough given the disgraceful nature of breaches revealed.

Professor Munroe is urging the Prime Minister to ensure that the Public Procurement Act assented to by the Governor General over three years ago is in place by March next year.

He also wants the Public Bodies Management Accountability Act to be amended to allow the Auditor General to apply directly or through the Attorney General to the court for pecuniary penalties against persons contravening the act.

In addition, Professor Munroe is calling for the amendment for the code of conduct for Ministers as it should include the obligation of Ministers to hold quarterly and bi-annual meetings with boards within their portfolio responsibility.

He says the Impeachment Act drafted over six years ago should be brought before the parliament for debate and passage into law providing for the removal of public officials from office who breach public office.

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