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Damage SkongDem BiographyFrom the streets of Kingston to the towers of Europe,Brain Damage to Damage SkongDem.

Dancehall artiste Damage SkongDem has managed to maintain stationary in the entertainment industry. At a time when many critics say the industry is drowning with negativity, Damage has been soothing the hearts of reggae/dancehall lovers worldwide with songs such as ‘I have a Dream’, ‘So What’, ‘9.2.5’, ‘Free Fi Talk’, ‘Where Am From’, ‘Some A Sella’ and many more, using his slang ‘Skong Dem’ (which means rising above the adversities) despite setbacks as his guide on his way to stardom.

Born Anathaneil Walters in Kingston, Damage’s career in the industry dates back over a decade, and he is now determined to etch his name in the musical scribes of Jamaica. His name was given to him by some of his loved ones as he can easily recall how his mother would often asked “if something wrong wid yuh head” thus came the birth of Brain Damage.
His passion for music started at an early age which resulted in him releasing his debut single in 2001 called ‘Low We Nuh’. This was followed by singles such as ‘Ghetto’ on the Rain rhythm, Produced by Chester Walker, a year later. The following years remained progressive for the singjay as he released ‘Hatta gear’ in 2003 for Skatta Burrell\Danger Zone Records, ‘God Bless Wi’ in 2004 for Mixing Lab Records and ‘Informer’ in 2005 by Hands and Hart records. Although all his singles have resonated well with their listeners it is the 2009 hit ‘I have a Dream’ that sent the tongues of music lovers worldwide wagging and placing him on a pedestal next to the stalwarts of dancehall.

His impressive musical catalogue has caused him to entertain and warm the hearts of fans not only in Jamaica but Brain Damage has also graced stages in Sections of the Caribbean, Canada, United States, Europe and the United Kingdom.

“I am a diverse individual both personally and professionally. I am an artiste who expresses myself through my music. I believe I was destined for stardom and my purpose here on earth is to make a change through my music. If you listen to the lyrics of my songs you will see that they all give you something to think about, kind of like food for thought and as artistes I think that’s the ultimate goal for all of us,” the assertive and meticulous Damage says.

In 2013, he launched his own label called SkongDem Records which is responsible for songs like ‘Wine Again’, ‘9.2.5’, ‘Free Fi Talk’, ‘Some A Sella’, ‘Where Am From’ just to name view along with numerous projects in the pipeline to hit the world.

Like Damage says ‘Never Stop Never Quit Never Sleep Skong Dem’.

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