Prime Minister: We won’t let criminals know our strategic intent

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Prime Minister: We won’t let criminals know our strategic intentPrime Minister Andrew Holness has declined to respond to queries about a timeline for the States of Emergency and Zones of Special Operations (ZOSO).

Speaking in parliament this afternoon (Oct 16) Mr. Holness said the discourse should not be about how long the security measures will last.

The house was debating on the resolution to extend the SOE in St. James and the ZOSO in Mt. Salem until January next year.

The extension will result in the security measures being in effect for over a year, which caused the Opposition, to question if the measures are indefinite.

Mr. Holness said the authorities do not want to give out their strategic intent to the criminals.

The Prime Minister said criminals should not be allowed to wait out the measure.

Meanwhile Mr. Holness has sought to explain how the government goes about deciding on where and when a community will be declared a Zone of Special Operation (ZOSO) citing considerations for financial resources and man power.

Mr. Holness was speaking in parliament this afternoon, during the debate to extend both the St. James state of emergency, and the Mt. Salem zone of special operation, until January next year.

The Prime Minister noted the concerns raised by the opposition about having zosos implemented in other communities in the country, as well as concern that government should have more zosos instead of using a state of public emergency.

Mr. Holness said to implement a zoso requires planning, both in terms of financing and getting more boots on the ground.

The Prime Minister added that government intends to implement at least 20 more zosos.


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