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Byrthday IGM Biography


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Byrthday IGM Biography
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B y r t h d a y IGM

Byrthday IGM real name Nicholas Dennis McCrobie is a singer, songwriter, pop and reggae artist born in the capital of Jamaica a place called Kingston on January 14th 1987 however now reside in the U.K. Byrthday has over 13 years’ experience in the underground music industry and has become a young and relishing addition to the music industry.

The development of his career is to do with a lifetime of musical genres, include reggae, pop and r’n’b. However, he gains knowledge and passion from listening to all types of music.

He first wrote and performed at the tender age of eleven back when he was living in Jamaica. He also studied music while he was at secondary school and excelled in his class. Nevertheless, it was not until the birth of his daughter that he really found his true calling and with it came the drive and the motivation for writing inspirational songs. Byrthday’s first big performance was at People’s Day which is a yearly festival put on by Lewisham Council.

In order for his music to be heard he started performing at several clubs and concerts across England and Wales but mainly London. His audience originates from a range of backgrounds and all ages. Byrthday is working on placing his career as an artist on a major platform to become a household name.

He released his first single called “Forever Girl” 2016 and is now working on few more projects which should take him to higher heights.

The single is about a female he is trying to date and make her his official wife so to speak. Recently Byrthday has just release his new single called it’s your birthday.

That song is written about his girlfriend which was made about her as her birthday was approaching, it’s your birthday was released in December 2017 which has taken over London and has given him a buzz in his home time.

The video for it’s your birthday will be release in November 2018. Finally, his future goals are to excel in the music industry and become a worldwide/ international artist. His dreams are also to work with other worldwide/ international acts from different genres of music. He lives by the motto “living ma dream in ah real life”.


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