Africa for the Africans... at home and abroad! - Marcus Garvey

Africa & Jamaica Unite Through Music: Morgan Heritage, Stonebwoy and Diamond Platinumz to Premiere Video

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Africa & Jamaica Unite Through Music: Morgan Heritage, Stonebwoy and Diamond Platinumz to Premiere Video
Africa for the Africans… at home and abroad! – Marcus Garvey

For GRAMMY award-winning Morgan Heritage, Africa has consistently been home, and for Africa, Morgan Heritage has always been their proud off-springs. Creating and delivering music alongside the latter’s continental various artists has always been a family affair, a union between “Africa & Jamaica”.

Indeed the aforementioned is the title from the Royal Reggae siblings latest release featuring Ghana’s 2015 BET Winner, Stonebwoy and Tanzania’s multi- award, MTV Europe Awards winning Diamond Platinumz. As the lead single from their 2019 upcoming album blazes the international airwaves, the anticipated music video will premiere on Friday, October 19, 2018.

On a dedicated major mission to build a stronger African and Caribbean connect through music, the GRAMMY winning Group (Mojo, Peetah & Gramps) are eager and very optimistic that the video will bridge the existing connection between Africa and the Caribbean by showcasing the similar beauty of it’s nature and peoples. Filmed on location in Cape Verde and Ghana, West Africa, “Africa & Jamaica” music video was directed by Jordan Hoechlin and Morgan Heritage.

Speaking on how the collaboration came about, Mojo Morgan explained “Earlier this year, the day right after the 60th GRAMMY Awards, we went to visit our longtime friend and multi GRAMMY Award winning super producer Jerry Wonda a visit at Platinum Recording Studio in NY. That’s where the idea of the song came about, we wanted an anthem to unite Africa and the Caribbean through the power of music and cultural crossings.


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