Stir It Up Vol. 11 1/2 Mawga Dog

Irina Mossi Love Detective

Stir It Up Vol. 11 1/2 Mawga DogTwin Of Twins Stir It Up Vol. 11 and a half 1/2. After a nail biting ,thought provoking #stiritupvolume11 #thesagacontiues #supportthemovement #outnow. This will be available on all major online outlets. The STIR it up series from one to 11 and a half is the brainchild of creative genius and mastermind Patrick (Curlyloxx_thevoiceboxx) Gaynor.

Volume eleven and a half is direct follow up or sequel to volume eleven which reintroduced Patrick’s knack for story telling which was displayed on volume 3 in 1995. Volume eleven 11 and a half and the upcoming “quarter to twelve ” are shorter than usual teasers that lead up to volume twelve. 11 and a half is epitome of the self destruction of pride as Big Wayne sinks further into the clutches of his ego by doing the unthinkable. Ankle Sox narrowly escape death as an old stranger re-enters his life.

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