Phantom IMC – Elevated Album 2018

@PhantomIMC #Elevated

Irina Mossi Love Detective

To achieve greatness one has to be one with one’s self. People will always doubt your ability to drive for greatness. Reason being they them self don’t believe that they can achieve greatness.This self produced album is me pushing myself and elevating my musical ability. Phantom IMC Elevated.

I am happy to present my new album “Elevated”, which is now available on all streaming platform. It’s been a full year since I started this project. The reason I called this album “Elevated” is because since I put out my EP “The Beginning” in 2015 I have grown as a musician or in other words, my music has elevated to another level. At first, I just wanted to produce some singles but in space of five to six months I’ve made over thirty songs. So eventually I decided on making a full album. Since this is my first fully self-produced album I didn’t want to put too many songs on it. I picked my favorite twelve songs which I believe are just right to showcase my growth as a producer and a songwriter/sing jay. Before I go into telling you the story of each song and how it was inspired, I’d rather you just listen to the album. I hope you’ll full-joy this album the way I do! Music is love.

Phantom IMC.


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