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Sevad BiographyBorn to Margaret Louis Davis in the year 1977, “A Voice” was brought into this world and he was so rightly named, Steven. Blessed with God given talent passed down through his mother at birth, Steven Davis at a tender age developed a genuine affinity for music.

A passion that grew into love by his adolescent years where it became the norm for him to hide away from home to attend regular sessions just to find a place amongst the artists and musicians of the day. During this time he took an immense liking to the sounds of the late, great, Garnet Silk, and would make every attempt to attend his shows. Steven mourned the passing of this icon, but it was these events that would later spark the emergence of Sevad.

Steven ‘Sevad’ Davis began to embrace his passion and talent more seriously and made the conscious decision to put aside the shyness and let his voice be heard. It took only a short time before Sevad, with his strikingly captivating looks, would have a core following amongst the females from audiences where ever he would now venture.

His melodic flow began to take form and he was appointed lead singer of the Step by Step Band. His stint with Step by Step had Sevad performing Island-wide at various Stage Shows, Sessions and other Cultural Events to even having made appearances on Rebel Salute. Notoriety grew and spawned the release of Sevad’s debut single ‘Revelation.’ This was to later bring about the media interviews and other interests and Sevad at the time was featured in a number of newspaper articles. But this rise was short-lived as other obligations took Sevad away from the music scene for a number of years.

His passion for music didn’t fade, not even a shade, and it was the year 2007 that Steven ‘Sevad’ Davis returned to the Music Industry. At this time he was in a management role, handling the affairs of Mad Sam, another extremely talented and versatile act who would later catch the attention of Florida based Up Deh House Music Group. Meetings were held and negotiations were now in order, Mad Sam would soon be making the transition to begin doing some work with Up Deh House Music Group.

This move eventually afforded Sevad more time and a greater opportunity at reviving his career. After releasing Mad Sam to this new Record Label it took Sevad no less than a year to complete Sevad Music House Production Studios and move his musical vehicle into a higher gear. With an energized spirit, great work ethic, a productive environment, new flavour and ideas, and a collaboration with up and coming producer Sanjay ‘Freeze’ Pennant, Sevad’s debut album was on the way.

In the almost 2year period that followed, the project was near completion, a video was out for the single “Addicted,” and the track was in heavy rotation on the airwaves. Sevad was on the rise once again and this time he was more suited for grander occasions. Sevad was soon performing at various shows across the Island and making appearances on cable and local TV Stations.

But life would once again have its turn of the tide, a slowing of the steps, the throwing of a curved ball, tragedy struck along the path, and this sparked another 2 year delay. Sevad experienced some level of depression during this period but would later be strengthened by his dismay after having been put through the fire once again to come out more refined. It could be deemed a rebirth that made Sevad into a more rounded musical being, the now Artist, Composer and Producer who also possesses excellent management capabilities.

Today, both Sevad and his music embody Authenticity, Diversity, Flavour, Maturity, Relevance, Style, and a Uniqueness that can be attributed to his lifelong experiences, All in All very relatable and real. His Debut Album “Everyday is Like Valentine” is now available on iTunes, Cd Baby and other outlets.

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