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Spice threatens VP Records

Spice threatens VP Records over 10-year album delay

Irina Mossi Love Detective

Spice threatens VP Records
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โ€œI want my album out now, or itโ€™s war,โ€ says dancehall deejay Spice in an ultimatum to VP Records via social media.

According to the dancehall deejay, she has been getting the runaround for 10 years and is fed up. Spice says she is determined to get out of her contract with VP.

“I signed a contract with them (VP) from 2009 and that’s the worst decision I’ve ever made in my life,” she said. “Up to this day, from 2009 they have not released an album with me, and so I’m ready now to battle with them in court because I have to fight for my fans, my fans need an album from me. They (VP) have left me with no other resort but to fight them to get out of this contract. I’ve just started the process because I’ve given them 10 years.”



Spice said there were many things she could tell many young artistes based on the mistakes she had made in the past.

“Never sign a contract when you’re too young. Give it a few years, try to be independent and even put out your first album on your own. Do not sign away your publishing,” she said.

VP Records could not be reached for a comment up to press time.

This is not the first time a dancehall artiste has expressed the belief that their careers have been held back somewhat because of contracts signed with VP Records.

Just last year, Ding Dong said that he missed out on a deal with American producer and label owner Swizz Beatz due to the details of a VP contract he signed some 10 years ago.

The entertainer, who is currently gearing up for her birthday party at Oneil’s Place on Hagley Park Road tomorrow night, blasted VP for doing nothing for her.

“I don’t disclose a lot of things about my career, how hard I work, how I do everything by myself. I finance my entire career by myself because the record company does absolutely nothing for me,” she said. “I promote my own music, and I want to tell all the young artistes not to make the same mistakes I made because it’s really haunting me right now.”




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