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Palmma Muzik

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Palmma Muzik BiographyRashawn Ricardo Palmer Jr (born January 23, 2000) better known as Palmma is a Dancehall/Reggae recording artiste from Kingston Jamaica.

He was born at the Kingston’s Jubilee Hospital and he’s the sixth child out of eight siblings. He was raised in the district of Waterford in the community of Portmore the “Sunshine City”. He attended Waterford High School where then in the first form “7th grade” he started to develop the love of music and wanted to be an artiste/entertainer such as the Legend Bob Marley , but at that tender age of 13 he never could take up being an artiste seriously due to the fact his parents were more in-tuned of him focusing more on his education. Although his father had wanted him to be a race horse jockey due to his height , Palmma inclined not to go down that path and stick to his dream of being a musician.

His inspiration of Bob Marley drew him more closer towards his desire to be an artiste and to be as great as the legend Bob himself. Palmma big brother who is also his music manager Romaine “Chico” Harris started to push him towards his goals of being an artiste by making him know he can be as great and phenomenal as the legend of Reggae music and that alone spark that ignition for him to actually took the craft seriously. So at the age of 15 years old he decided to take on this journey and therefore we now have Palmma

Palmma consider his self to be a new era musician with a new wave of delivering a different type of music within the genre of Dancehall/Reggae music. His first breakthrough single “Win” which is produced by T.357 Music Group a production company based in New York has gained him notary within his community of Waterford and throughout certain parts of the world.

Artists such as Bob Marley , Vybz Kartel , and Peter Tosh are the three artists he strongly looked up to and intend to be something close to those them. Palmma , the young legend , the young icon in the making.


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