German 891 Biography

Irina Mossi Love Detective

German 891 BiographyGerman a woman of many talents has decided to live out her one true passion, which is music entertainment. From the age of 13 German has always had her hand in the music scene. Adulthood came pretty fast and for a while she had to put “her love” on pause.

Theresa “German” St John born November 2nd in Jamaica W.I was always known and respected by her peers. She is a woman who has faced adversity time and time again but has always managed to “pick up the pieces” and keep going. Her mysterious yet eclectic style makes her something special in the dancehall “world”. She adds an extra flair with her signature dance moves. Reminiscent to Lady Saw with the sometimes “raunchy lyrics” but still keeping her authenticity.

I’m sure the world will embrace her just the same. German is and will be able to relate to women from all walks of life because she is the epitome of “every woman”.

Rude Gyal Verfuhren – Ep Comming Soon!!!!!!!

1.GooDy GooDy
3.War Dem Want
4.German Wine

1.Supa Frost -Touch You:
2.Supa Frost – Love Come Down


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