West Kingston Men Wanted By The Police

Livity Coke & 4 other men wanted by police

West Kingston Men Wanted By The PoliceThe Kingston East police have listed five men as wanted in connection with a murder committed in March.

They are being sought in relation to the murder of 31 year old Patrick Davis, otherwise called ‘P Boy’.

Police say Davis’ body was found in Rockfort, Kingston, on Monday, March 12.

Those being sought are: Twenty-seven-year-old, Lanchester Coke, otherwise called ‘Bamma T’. Forty-one-year-old, Leighton Coke, otherwise called ‘Livity,’ or ‘Live Up’. Christopher Coke, otherwise called ‘Titi Man’.

A man only known as ‘Ratty’, all of Zacky Avenue, Tivoli Gardens, Kingston. And, David Biggs, otherwise called ‘Alien’, whose address is unknown.

The men are being asked, to surrender to the police immediately.

Anyone with information that can assist the police with capturing these men, is being asked to contact the Elletson Road Criminal Investigation Branch at 928-4200, or Crime Stop at 311 .

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