Jamaican Government can`t Protect our Info from hackers

NIDS and the cons

Irina Mossi Love Detective

Jamaican Government can`t Protect our Info from hackersWayne Lonesome talking about the NIDS and the cons. Jamaican Government can`t Protect our Info from hackers. even the biggest counties in the world get hacked regularly.

don`t be fool by what gov. telling us Jamaicans about NIDS and safety, all leading counties get cyber hackers daily .4 examples just do your research

1.How Hackers Stole 24,000 Files From The Pentagon – Fast Company

  1. Pentagon Hacked by Russian Cyber Attack – YouTube –

  2. Britain’s intelligence agencies, including MI6 and MI5, have allegedly banned the use of computers manufactured by Chinese company Lenovo due to concerns that the machines come hardwired with a vulnerability to hacking

4.US nuclear power plant was breached in a cyberattack – Business … www.businessinsider.com/

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