Sevana – Justice (Official Video)

Sevana - Justice (Official Video)

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Sevana - Justice (Official Video)The Jamaican reggae singer Sevana is making soulful jams inspired by Céline Dion and the fight to protect the environment from climate change.
The 26-year-old native from Savanna-la-Mar, Westmoreland, a parish that sits on Jamaica’s west coast, is a champion for the people and truth, packaging it in the soulful reggae music her fans have grown to love.
Sevana is now trying to redirect her focus to the effects of climate change through both the single and the video for ‘Justice’. An issue that has largely been overlooked by government bodies who make executive decisions for themselves, and by extension, the world, given their power and political influence, Sevana wanted a record and video to raise more awareness through the power of music on the current condition of our global environment.

Sevana online:

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