Prime Minister Wants Extension Of ZOSO

PM seeks extension of ZOSO’s

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Prime Minister Wants Extension Of ZOSOIn a bid to get an extension, Prime Minister Andrew Holness has touted the successes of the Zones of Special Operations, ZOSO, in Mt Salem and Denham Town.

The ZOSO’s were implemented as part of measures to tackle crime in specific communities.

The government is seeking a 5th extension by 60 days in Mt Salem and a 4th in Denham Town.

An aspect of the ZOSO is the Social Intervention Programme, through which government wants to reform the affected communities, create investment opportunities and restore a sense of hope in residents.

Speaking in Parliament this afternoon (April 11) Mr. Holness noted that the social interventions in Denham Town and Mt Salem have been yielding results.

He highlighted the zinc fence removal initiative, which has created jobs as well as improved the aesthetics of the communities.

Prime Minister Andrew Holness

Meanwhile, Opposition Leader Dr. Peter Phillips has criticised government for failing to acknowledge that crime is ballooning in areas not focused on by the Zones of Special Operations, ZOSO.

Dr. Phillips was responding to the government in parliament as government seeks an extension for the ZOSOS in Mt Salem and Dehnam Town.

The Opposition Leader says while there has been a reduction in crime in Mt Salem and Denham Town, communities in neighbouring constituencies are recording an increase in crime.

Dr. Phillips is calling for an assessment of the effectiveness of the 2 ZOSO’s.

Opposition Leader Dr Peter Phillips

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