Major Corporations organizations in Jamaica

Major Corporations organizations in Jamaica

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Major Corporations organizations in JamaicaIn terms of revenue, the largest companies in Jamaica by sector are the insurance firm Sagicor Life Jamaica, GraceKennedy Ltd, National Commercial Bank Jamaica Ltd (NCB), and telecommunications companies Digicel and LIME (Landline, Internet, Mobile, Entertainment). With the exception of privately owned Digicel, all of these companies are listed on the Jamaica Stock Exchange. Listed securities on the exchange include ordinary shares, preference shares and corporate bonds.

Other major companies in the country include the long-established financial institution Scotia Group Jamaica (SGJ), giants in the cigarette business, Carreras Ltd (CAR) and food and poultry producers Jamaica Broilers Group Ltd (JBG) which employs over 2000 people. Major conglomerates listed on the stock exchange include GraceKennedy (GK), Jamaica Producers (JP), LascellesdeMercado (LAS) and Pan Jamaican Investment Trust (PJAM).

Important multinationals include the Jamaica Naitonal Building Society (JNBS) which is registered in UK, US, Canada and Cayman Islands as well as operating in 33 locations around Jamaica. It is one of the largest financial institutions in Jamaica and the largest building society in the Caribbean region,

The World Economic Forum Global Competitiveness Report (2012-2013) shows that Jamaica scores 3.9 out of 7 for extent of market dominance where 1 indicates that corporate activity is dominated by a few firms and 7 means that it is spread amongst many firms. The report shows that Jamaica has a more varied corporate landscape than other Caribbean nations with Barbados scoring 3.6 and Trinidad and Tobago scoring 3.4. Local competition in Jamaica is moderate to good, the country scores 4.9 out of 7, above the world average of 4.8. In this scale 1 means that local competition is limited in most industries and 7 means that local competition is intense in most industries. This variation in industry is reflected in Jamaica’s score for effectiveness of anti-monopoly policy where it scores 3.9 out of 7, just below the world average of 4.0. This indicates a moderate effectiveness of the anti-monopoly policy to promote competition.

Major Corporations organizations in Jamaica

Bank of Nova Scotia Jamaica Ltd, The

Barita Investments Ltd

Berger Paints Ltd

Capital & Credit Merchant Bank Ltd

Caribbean Cement Co.Ltd

Carreras Ltd

Digicel Jamaica

Gleaner Co.

GraceKennedy Ltd

Jamaica Money Market Brokers Ltd

Jamaica Producers Group Ltd

Jamaica Stock Exchange VP

Mayberry Inv Ltd

Pegasus Hotels of Jamaica Ltd

Petroleum Corporation of Jamaica

Salada Foods Ltd

Scotia Group Jamaica

Seprod Ltd

Trinidad Cement Ltd



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