Fareal Di Realest – Bedroom Savage [Official Lyric Video]

Fa'Real "Bedroom Savage

Irina Mossi Love Detective

Fareal Di Realest - Bedroom Savage [Official Lyric Video]Fa’Real, the artist with the knack for creating music that appeals to the mission and not the market, has released his next single, ‘Bedroom Savage’.

The new song takes inspiration from the current lack of healthy behavior among men when it comes to pleasing women. ‘Bedroom Savage’ renews the rules of the game, and men can take note of what they must do to turn into their ideal selves again.

“I realized that men today are craving for advice on how to improve their wellbeing. For me music has
always been a mission, not a competition. ‘Bedroom Savage’ is my attempt to get the message of wellbeing
across to all men,” said Fa’Real.

The inspiration behind ‘Bedroom Savage’ came to Fa’Real when he noticed increase in unhealthy behavior
among men in his direct community. He encountered heavy binge drinking among his peers, rise in
impotence and a general lack of knowledge on wellness related issues. A further impetus came after
listening to Vybz Kartel’s record, “mhm hm”, in which the artist recommended an aphrodisiac blend of
nuts, supligen, and oat meal to increase male sexual performance. These items soon became the top sales
in the Carribbean.

Produced by Hype Yawz Production on their Big Brass Riddim, ‘Bedroom Savage’ is available on all leading
digital outlets for purchase. The musical portfolio of Fa’Real is available on his YouTube channel, Fareal Di

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