Royal Blu x Runkus – Skin Toned (Official Music Video)

Royal Blu x Runkus - Skin Toned (Official Music Video) LargeUp

Irina Mossi Love Detective

Royal Blu x Runkus - Skin TonedIn a time where racial tension is high and movements like Black Lives Matter have emerged, Runkus and Royal Blu decided the time is always right to make a statement.

The song was released and the out pour from people relating to the song was undeniable. Lyrics were being quoted and the SoundCloud link spread rapidly. It was clear the people were receiving the message and the feedback was entirely positive, the song even caught the attention of radio Djs.

In a place like Jamaica where color-ism is rampant and a skin-bleaching epidemic has haunted the culture, it is crucial to shed light on these issues. Ironically, both artistes had the idea for a song entitled “Skin Toned”, which Runkus had previously released on his Move In EP the following year. Royal Blu gave Runkus his unfinished version of the song and the finished product was magic.\

Produced by JLL Video credits: Directed by Tim Foresta & Thandi Sebe Production: Daniel Krause.

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