More Signatures Needed For Bounty Killer Petition

More signatures needed for Safaree’s petition for Bounty Killer

Irina Mossi Love Detective

Bounty Killer PetitionInternational star Safaree’s efforts to have Bounty Killer’s united states work visa reinstated via a petition he created on Change.org is still ongoing.

Of the 7,500 expected to support the move, only 5057, persons have signed the online petition created a month ago.

Safaree’s petition which is directed to the United States Embassy cites that Bounty Killer is an advocate for education, and change pinpointing his recent donation of hospital beds to the Kingston Public and the Victoria Jubilee hospitals in Kingston.

Bounty Killer’s US visa was revoked some eight years ago.

In relating news, on Wednesday, Safaree was hospitalized for dehydration.




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