Irina Mossi “Just for One Night“

MAN WAZIMU BIOGRAPHYBorn Peter Wagany, Man Wazimu ’Virgin Man’ aka ‘Da present’ Is Nairobi Based Reggae Artiste With A Unique Voice And Style. The Strict Seventh Day Adventist Had To Overcome Various Challenges From 2000 Until 2003 When His First Single In Scratch Digital Recordz Having Met Robert Ndirangu The Producer In The Later Quarter Of 2000. The First Album Titled My Say Was Released In Comprising Of The Hit Single Emergency Pills Followed By The Second Album Titled The Way Comprising Of The Popular Single The Way. Now The Ten Tracked Third Album Titled Thru My Eyez Produced By Hopetonne Blazze Of The Everblazzing Productions Was Released In 2016 With The Title Track ‘Thru My Eyez ft Eimah Rox’ Making It To A Compilation Album Released In Europe In 2017.

The Latest Single From Man Wazimu Is Titled ‘Donkey Back’ On ‘Agogo Riddim’ Produced By Roots Rebel Sound In Germany Vocals Recorded At Janesons Recordings In Kenya Then Mixing & Mastering By EvilCreek Productions In Canada. The Product Spans Three Continent Each Bit Comprising An Individual Input.

The Lyrics Of The Song Is Filled With A Lot Of Symbolism ‘Kenyans’ Is The Donkey, Skyscrapers Are The General Elections, Three Meaning Three Illegitimate Elections Results Foisted On The People. The Intro ‘ The last legitimate president was sworn-in in 2002 until the people president in January 30th 2018’ , Here there are three elections that are past while the one ordered by the supreme court was boycotted therefore the January 30th 2018 swearing-in is legitimate. ‘ Kenyans public derriere scratching is nuh crime’ is an observation that it is uncouth but not criminal. This is after reports by one of the presidential aspirants after the supreme court nullified the presidential election of 8th August, 2017.

The lines in verse one ‘ with partners in London and France, nuh sovereign fund, Turkana oil at risk n’ all, nuh refinery at all, nuh Kenyan storage at all’ , tackles the opaque manner on how the maiden oil exportation business is being done in Kenya. Bechtel International the American company awarded Kshs 300 billion three days before the 8th August, 2017 general elections is among the companies in the opaque oil business.

The lines in verse two’ Products boycotts n’ all, people general deported ‘ , highlights civil disobedience also the controversial deportation of a Kenyan citizen born and raised in Kenya contravening the constitution.

The lines in verse three’ Josef Stalin said, voting neva wins election’ is a reinforcement to the end of election rigging and giving the people electoral justice.

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