Indecom Chastises JCF For Not Using Body Cameras

Indecom chastises JCF for failure to use body cameras

Body CamerasThe Independent Commission of Investigations (Indecom) says the Jamaica Constabulary Force has failed to use body-worn cameras in 30 planned police operations that resulted in 40 deaths in 2017.

Of the 16 deaths that occurred from planned stationary vehicle check points no body worn camera was deployed.

Body CamerasAssistant Commissioner Indecom Hamish Campbell, says this is a recurring problem where there is a disconnect between the accounts of the police and civilians, in police shootings or killings.

He explains, that the use of body cameras could assist in addressing this disconnect.

Body CamerasMeantime, making a recommendation Commissioner of Indecom Terrence Williams, says the police command should ensure that at least one person is wearing a body camera, when an operation is to take place.

He says, the use of body worn cameras, can assist in restoring the public’s trust in the JCF.

Meantime, there has been an increase in police killings over the past three years.

Commenting on findings of the Independent Commission of investigation’s 4th quarterly 2017 review, Assistant Commissioner at Indecom Hamish Campbell pointed-out that 168 civilians were shot and killed by the security forces in 2017.

This is 57 more than the 111 civilians killed in 2016, and 67 more than the figure recorded in 2015.

He however notes that there has been a reduction in multiple killings.

Mr. Campbell stated that in a 84 month break down, spanning from 2011 to 2017, there were only 3 months, where fewer than 5 people were killed.

Based on the findings, Mr. Campbell stated that security personnel should review the use of force tactics being employed, as most people killed were unarmed.

He explained that in 2016 and 2017, of the 155 people shot and wounded, 81 did not have any weapon.


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