Sara Lugo & Randy Valentine – Growing A Jungle – Official Video 2018

Sara Lugo & Randy Valentine - Growing A Jungle [Official Video 2018]

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Sara Lugo & Randy ValentineNew Video From Sara Lugo & Randy Valentine Called ”Growing A Jungle” Produced by Moritz “DaBaron”von Korff  directed by Valentin Campagnie, edited by Guillaume Agostini.

Music: Thomas Join-Lambert, Frank Pollak, Benjamin Zecher, Uli Czermak, Moritz v.Korff

Musicians: Drums: Thomas Join-Lambert Bass: Moritz “DaBaron”von Korff Keys: Frank”Pollensi”Pollak /Moritz “DaBaron”von Korff/Umberto Echo Guits: Uli “Ulinjah”Czermak Sax: Hannes”Al Caphorn”Hermann Tromp: Stefan Heller Tromb: Klaus Ottillinger Perc: Umberto Echo.


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