Mike Henry Calls On The Police To Stop Labeling Communities

Central Clarendon MP calls on the police to stop labelling communities

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Mike HenryMember of Parliament for Central Clarendon Mike Henry is calling on the police in the parish to stop labeling communities, and seek to strengthen the relationship with residents.

He says he is concerned with the level of criminal activity in Clarendon and the police should be properly resourced.

However, he points out that resource is not the only deficit in the fight against crime, as bad police relationship is also a big part of the problem.

In a release, Mr Henry states that a properly resourced police force, and improve community relations are the only options to break the back of crime in Clarendon.

He says the police must start to improve their image by more meaningfully engaging the communities that they serve.

The Central Clarendon MP cites complaints from community representatives that their areas are being negatively labelled by the police.

He states that labeling communities will only continue to isolate the police from these areas.

Mr Henry says, while he is appreciative of the security challenges which the police face in the parish they have to understand, that their main methods of fighting crime have alienated them from the people whom they serve.

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