Jamaica Government Holding Reggae Music Hostage With The Noise Abatement Act

Gov. Stop holds Reggae Music hostage with the noise abatement act.

Irina Mossi “Just for One Night“

Noise Abatement ActGovernment Stop holds Reggae Music hostage with the noise abatement act. stop painting all Reggae/dance Artists with a broad brush. we don’t need any handout, we just need Jamaica Government to respect the music industry and remove all the red tapes.

Stop used Artists as the scapegoat for the Crime monster that you the politicians created over the years. you cant use one or two Artists and paint the whole Reggae industry when the real truth is the same politicians who pointing fingers, they are the ones who corrupted our country and created garrisons and dons for political interest.

Politicians and wider Jamaica need to start showing more respect to all those Foundation artists and players of instruments more respect, for putting Jamaica on the Global Stage musically, instead of trying to disrespect and hold back our great music.

Noise Abatement Act


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