Enhanced Security Measures New Name For State of Emergency In St. James

State of Emergency changed to Enhanced Security Measures to assuage international image

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Enhanced Security MeasuresNational Security Minister Robert Montague says the State of Public Emergency in St. James, will be referred to as Enhanced Security Measures.

According to the Minister, the title “State of Emergency” can adversely affect the tourism industry.

He was speaking in Montego Bay, St. James (Feb 4).

Mr. Montague points out that, crime is a social problem, and as a result young people need to be educated, in order to deter them from a life of crime and violence.

In addition, Mr. Montague reiterates that the absence of certain social norms has impacted the upbringing of young people.

The Security Minister further points out that the justice system is also overburdened, as it is not producing results as fast as it should be.

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