Court Cases In Jamaica Postponed Due To Meeting Of Justice To Discuss Constitutional Crisis

Numerous Court Cases Postponed due to Meeting of Justice to Discuss Constitutional Crisis

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ConstitutionalThe Court Management Services says despite a major meeting involving at least 100 judges this morning, some matters were still heard in the Home Circuit and Gun Courts.

The thrust of the meeting was reportedly to reaffirm the hallowed principles of the separation of powers doctrine and the independence of the judiciary.

The matter about the Prime Minister’s decision to Appoint Justice Bryan Bryan Sykes as Acting Chief Justice was also discussed.

It is felt by many that the move is unprecedented, unethical and unnecessary as the position of chief justice is a clear vacancy.

In a statement, the Court Management Services says judges across the island did convene a meeting at the Supreme Court this morning (Feb 12) in which a number of issues including the appointment of Justice Sykes to act in the role of Chief Justice were discussed.

It adds that most matters scheduled for the afternoon session, at the Supreme Court proceeded as scheduled.

Cases that were scheduled to be heard in the Parish Courts today were adjourned for the day, and all court matters will resume tomorrow February 13.

Judges apologised to the public, the legal fraternity, witnesses, jurors and all other stakeholders for the loss of time and inconvenience caused.

The statement says the courts will undertake a number of measures in an effort to address the time lost.

It says judges have committed to extended sittings as soon as convenient times can be agreed with the parties to facilitate matters which were not heard today as a result of the meeting.

Members of the public are asked to contact their local court’s office for more information or the court management services at 665-3701, 1888-429- 5268 or email customerservices@cms.gov.jm for further information on their matters.

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