Bunny Wailer Lifetime Achievement Award Was A Success

IRIE FM Lifetime Achievement Award for Bunny Wailer a SUCCESS!

Bunny WailerOchi Rios radio station IRIE FM’s Lifetime Achievement Award for Bunny Wailer held on Sunday at the Bournemouth Beach Complex was a tremendous success.

Bunny Wailer had several tear-jerking moments during the ceremony which saw musical and spoken word tributes from his son Asedenaki who did an outstanding Wailer’s Medley, his daughter Cen C Love, and his grand-nephew Dre Tosh.

The event hosted by Yasus Afari also featured spoken word and musical tributes from Copeland Forbes, Garth Dennis, Kingsley Goodison, Chelsea Stewart, King Sounds, Bob Andy, Daddy U-Roy, Black Hero, Duane Stephenson, Member of Parliament Phillip Paulwell, Howard McIntosh of the Ministry of Culture, Kingston Drummers, and guest speaker Donald Quarry.

Muta who presented the first high fashion Rastafarian Runway in Jamaica was simply chic.

Some of the other notable persons in attendance were Marcia Griffiths, Tommy Cowaan and Carlene Davis, Charlie Chaplin, Josef Bogdanovich, Professor Verene Shepherd, Cat Coore, Lymie Murray, Brian Hart, and Professor Carolyn Cooper.

The IRIE FM Lifetime Achievement Award was presented by IRIE FM’s Programming Director, Ka’Bu Ma’at Kheru and Managing Director, Debbian Dewar.

Bunny Wailer, the man of the moment could do no wrong. Jah B had the massive singing along as he belted out hits such as Black Heart Man, Ram Dancehall, Dreamland, and Ball Room Floor.

The eventful day also featured an exhibition football match which saw IRIE FM’s invitational copping the trophy from Bunny Wailer’s Flying Lions with a 3 2 win. IRIE FM Invitational ballers featured Ricardo Bibi Gardner, Theodore Tappa Withmore, Ian Pepe Goodison, Michael Tullouch, Christopher Martin and Prophecy. Meanwhile Bunny Wailer’s Flying Lions included the likes of his son Asedenaki, Kabaka Pyramid, Samory I, and Yard Core.

The curtains for IRIE FM’s Lifetime Achievement Award honouring Neville O’Riley Livingston O.M ended at minutes after 6 on Sunday with the St. Thomas Nyahbinghi drummers giving patrons brata.

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