State of Emergency extended in St James for 90 days

State of Emergency extended in St James until May 2

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State of Emergency extendedState of Emergency extended

The State of Emergency in St James Jamaica will continue until May 2, 2018.

Prime Minister, Andrew Holness brought the Emergency Powers Continuation Resolution to the House of Representatives on (Jan 30), enabling the extension.

The House of Representatives voted in favor of the resolution put forward by Mr. Holness.

Fifty-one of the members voted in favor of the motion being carried, which was more than the two-thirds majority needed by the house. Eleven members were absent.

A State of Emergency can continue up to 3 months, after its declaration.

The State of Emergency in St James was declared on January 18.

Speaking in parliament this afternoon, Mr Holness says it is time to take back the country, and the State of Emergency in St James will help in doing so.

He notes that there are still criminals in St James, who need to be apprehended.

Prime Minister Holness commended the security forces, stating that they are carrying out their duties well, even with limited resources.

He adds that the way in which operations are being carried out shows that they have learned from the mishaps of past experiences.

People using roads leading in and out of St James are subject to vehicle and personal search. In various areas of city and township, there are joint static and mobile patrols. Persons may also be stopped at various checkpoints.

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