Reneto Adams For Commissioner Of Police?

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Reneto AdamsThe people of Jamaica are asking for top cop Reneto Adams to be given the recent open position of Police Commissioner.

The Former Senior Superintendent is know to his brutal but effective crime fight method, which the jamaican people believe well help to curve the killer that is currently taking over the country.

But the question is can Adams alone do the job?, factoring that now we have a over-site body (INDECOM).

That is charge with the task of looking into police shooting / misconduct.

Our nation is under siege from criminals .

1617 of our countrymen and women have been murdered for last year .42 of them have been murdered in the first seven days of the year. We the people of Jamaica are urging and begging the five member led Police Service Commission, please for once to think outside the box by selecting Reneto Adams has our next police chief .

He will boast police morale which is very lacking now .

He’s an outside the box person who will find ways to dramatically reduce crime .

We ain’t going to be naive and think that one person alone can reduce crime ,it take the people,a non corrupt force ,more man power ,equipment and a better justice system.

But doing the same thing over and over and expecting the same result is call insanity .

What do we have to lose with Reneto Adams as commissioner of police?

We have nothing to lose we’ve been losing the war against crime for decades now .

We the public are tired of pastor has our police chief who only find excuses .

We need real crime fighters to lead.


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