Police Commissioner to go on pre-retirement leave this month end

Police Service Commission says Quallo will go on pre-retirement leave this month end

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Police CommissionerA statement sent this afternoon (Jan 27) from the Police Service Commission has indicated that Police Commissioner George Qualllo is to serve out his term in office until his retirement.

Quallo was expected to retire in August, however its now being reported that Quallo will go on his pre-retirement leave this month end.

The statement from the PSC follows reports in other media that the Commissioner will resign next week.

The PSC expressed appreciation to George Quallo for agreeing to serve as Commissioner of Police until his normal retirement.

It says Commissioner Quallo understood the difficulties of the posting, but as an officer of the highest integrity and unswerving commitment to law and order, he accepted the call to serve.

Commissioner Quallo, given his age and years of service, will attain normal retirement period at the end of January.

The PSC says it is customary for police officers to demit office at this retirement point while maintaining their leave entitlement.

The commission says it is satisfied that it will be in a position to complete its consultation and make a recommendation to the Governor General for a new appointment of a Commissioner within the next few weeks.

Accordingly, the Commissioner of Police will proceed on his pre-retirement leave on January 31.

An Acting Commissioner will be appointed for the brief period prior to the appointment of a new Commissioner.

Meantime, Police Commissioner George Quallo has declined to comment on reports in other media that he will be leaving his post next week.

The commissioner was questioned by journalists today about the reports and asked to confirm or deny them.

However, Mr. Quallo’s only responses to the questions were “Okay”, and that he has “Nothing to say at this time”.

Some media entities reported yesterday that the Police Commissioner will demit office in a few days, several months ahead of his scheduled August retirement.

Quallo told his colleagues that he would be leaving the job effective next Thursday, February 1.

Reports of Quallos resignation come on the heels of tension between the Commissioner’s Office and the Ministry of National Security, following the traffic nightmare along the Palisadoes strip.

Other media had reported at the time that Quallo was asked to hand in his resignation, but this claim was refuted.

And, earlier this week, National Security Minister Robert Montague told Parliament that the peoples representative needs a clearly defined role, while referring to the need for accountability from the Police Service Commission, which has oversight responsibility for the force

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