Paléo Receive Two Awards From European Festival Awards

Two distinctions awarded to Paléo during the European Festival Awards

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European Festival AwardsThe Paléo Festival was awarded the “Health and Safety Innovation Award” during the ceremony of the European Festival Awards in Groningen, Netherlands. It was presented by the Eurosonic Festival and YOUROPE, the European festival association counting more than 90 members representing 27 countries. A “Lifetime Achievement Award” was also presented to Daniel Rossellat, founder and president of the Festival.

Last night, Paléo was awarded with the “Health and Safety Innovation Award”, which each year recognizes an idea or a project that improves the safety of festivals. This year, the prize was shared between Paléo and the Roskilde Festival (DK) who collaborated on a project against hostile vehicles, a system consisting of trees planted in giant pots, or potted-trees. These are very simple but effective measures that integrate very well in a wider urban planning concept. It is a great honour for Paléo to share this award with Roskilde. It is essential, considering the current context of terrorist threat, to share knowledge and know-how to find solutions together that help protect but also offer a welcoming effect for our festivalgoers.

During this same ceremony, Daniel Rossellat was honoured with the “Lifetime Achievement Award”. This honour is dedicated to an “individual whose personal vision and energy has propelled the entire festival marketplace forward in a dynamic, creative and positive way”.

With this award, it is the whole Festival organisation that is honoured, but also the public, the volunteer staff, the artists and all the partners who have helped make Paléo such a special event. These awards are a confirmation of the organisation’s policy in respect of the quality of comfort and hospitality offered to the public

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