Long Term Effects Of Saggin Your Pants

The Dangers Of Sagging Pants

SagginThe culture of saggin has its origins in the prison system, when men was arrested the officers took their belt as a precaution so inmates could not use their belts to harm himself or others.

Wearing the pants without a belts would lead to your pants to sagg, later in prison / jail it was use has a sign to tell other that you were homosexual.

Saggin was married on to the street via the hip Hop Culture an now has grown world wide to included Jamaica.

A two-year study by the National American Medical Association, led Dr. Mark Oliver Mansbach, concluded that the continuous wearing of saggin pants severely impacts sexual performance.

“In a study they discovered that saggin pants wearers are 70% more likely to prematurely ejaculate during intercourse,” says Mansbach. “75-82% of the men who wear saggy pants have some sort of sexual dysfunction which can be traced back to the constant mis-aligning of their hips and lower torso from the gait that’s symptomatic of saggin pants.”

As with any body part, a lack of blood flow means little to no oxygen from blood, no nutrients, and no cleansing of toxins. Long-term reduced blood circulation can result in bodily harm. For men, this means sexual performance issues and impaired urine flow. This situation can also lead to problems with the bladder, kidneys and prostate. It could even eventually have the effect of shriveling of the organs. For diabetics, this could mean gangrene and necessary amputation.


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